DELTA Civil and Industrial Construction Company: Vitality of the twenties

More than twenty years ago, DELTA took the first toddler stage when the country entered the “Doi Moi” era. And now, those footprints have been imprinted on the S-shaped land, but with a mind, a different shape – stronger and stronger than ever. After all, every time they look back on their journey, they are surprised themself by the long list of centuries-old works that embody the harmonious combination of conscience and intellectual!

It is difficult to count all the difficulties and hardships of the company in the early days of establishment, from the lack of facilities, rudimentary equipment to limited skills, … However, with Efforts to overcome difficulties, combined with the management team, technicians and teams of specialized workers have the ability, experience and synchronous and modern equipment system, DELTA has step by step “beyond up itself, “is rated as the top construction contractor by customers in Vietnam, especially in the construction of basement and deep basement.

Recently, DELTA has bravely invested in advanced equipment in the world to execute the works such as RCD drilling machine, pile drilling machine, diaphragm wall excavator, service crane, Ostenberg machine … Combined with the application of advances in science and technology, such as the use of polymer solution, Top-down method, Bottom-up method, mechanical steel joint, drainage system underground, formwork, blowing and pile grouting bottom … Therefore, DELTA is always in the top companies to invest in science and technology, advanced technology and modern equipment. That is the strength of the DELTA competition. This is also evidenced by two Polymer steel projects in Long An and Hanoi. In the middle of this year, the Ninh Hiep Polymer Steel Plant (Hanoi) will be put into operation with a capacity of 10,000 tons / year to supply the market leader in fiberglass rod products with advanced technology suitable for specific works, high quality requirements.

Since 1993, DELTA has participated successfully in many key projects such as Keangnam Tower, Royal City, Times City, Viettel City, Bitexco Finacial Tower, Lancaster … all over the country. In every project involved, DELTA always show a high sense of responsibility, mobilize all resources to implement projects of quality, meeting the technical requirements as well as progress. Especially with the success of the projects Royal City, Times City … DELTA has been and continues to affirm that the leading enterprise in the field of civil construction, creating trust for customers. With the motto “safety – quality – progress – price”, DELTA constantly contribute to the strength of the construction industry of Vietnam as well as for the development of the country, worthy of the eye. Seriously in the chain of global construction companies.

Keangnam Hanoi Landmark


DELTA continues to go the route of high quality construction, progress and construction techniques. Application of new technologies and construction solutions to social works. Currently, the company is participating in improving low-cost housing technology for the Mekong Delta, Central Vietnam using new technology to install lightweight concrete panels, use fiber reinforced polymer … to offer lower prices with good quality products.

Over the past twenty years, the values ​​that DELTA has created have continued in parallel with the years. These values ​​are not only the pride of the staff but also the word TIN that DELTA always keeps with its customers and partners – who contributed to the DELTA today, a DELTA is staying Twenty years old: Stretch your life and be ready to reach the sea!

Tran Trang

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