Building by conscience and intellectual

Since 1993, Delta Construction and Civil Limited Company (Delta Company) has successfully implemented many key projects such as Keangnam Tower, Royal City, Times. City, Viettel Ho Chi Minh City … in many geological regions across the country. In order to have such success and to be trusted by investors as now, Mr. Tran Nhat Thanh – Chairman of the Board of Directors has led his staff to work under the motto “Building with conscience and intellectual”…

The Destiny in Construction

The young man Tran Nhat Thanh, a student from Quang Binh province, graduated excellently, and was sent to the Soviet Union by the State for training in mathematics. However, because of the turbulent 70’s history, he had to move to a Construction School without studying mathematics as his initial aspiration. In 1976, he returned home with a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, a number of books and scientific documents tightly packed in a suitcase and the advice of experts in the Soviet Union: “You should follow the path of science to teach at universities, do not go out there doing business, it wil be very hard for you!”

Listen to the teachers, Tran Nhat Thanh went back to the University of Construction to start the teaching path with the desire to pass on the knowledge that he has learned to students again. A few years later, he was appointed to be the Director of the Center for Research in Building Engineering. There were many professors and associate professors in the field of construction working with him at that time for him to learn. . Also from here, his charm to Civil Engineering is getting closer and closer.

Recently VTV1 made a report about the chairman of DELTA Corp – Entrepreneur Tran Nhat Thanh, through which expresses the enthusiasm of the head of the company: “Building by conscience and intellectual ” – each successful projects have to definitely bring the imprint of the conscience from the worker to the engineer of the company. The following is the content of the report “CONSTRUCTION WITH CONSCIENCE AND INTELLECTUAL” which was broadcast on VTV1.

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