Delta is a corporation with the technological strength so it is not difficult to explain when the field of application research and production of building materials is focused on investment and development. At first, it was Research and Application Center for University of Civil Engineering with the managing team who is leading experts. Therefore, in the goal of development, not only doing the material business but also inventing continuously and produce new materials in order to meet the technical requirements, bringing the highest economic efficiency and friendliness to the environment.

The types of essential construction materials are chosen as the premise for the initial construction material business. It is targeted to the wide and well-served audience is the Delta’s project execution and ownership typically:

  • Trading, manufacturing and importing labor protection equipment and fire protection equipment.
  • Production of commercial concrete, cast concrete and other types of concrete.
  • Production of construction chemical materials: corrosion-proof additives, rust remover chemicals, swelling rubber gasket …

The rapid development of the construction industry creates the high competition of enterprises in the market economy, Delta is constantly striving to change, research and apply new building materials to bring the high effectiveness but to be friendly with environment and the most importantly, the price is competitive, reduce construction costs compared to conventional materials.
The new construction materials produced by Delta Research have received approvals and positive reviews from the market, with high applicability even to complex construction environments. Some outstanding features :

  • Research on the application of technology of creating the foam concrete in building materials such as light brick, wall, lightweight concrete floor: UHPC Superfloor, Nucewall – 15 …
  • Produce fiber reinforced polymer bars replacing reinforcement in conventional reinforced concrete structures.
  • Produce materials Nucemix – G, nucemix – TOP: mixed dry mortar without elasticity, mortar which self-levelling the surface.

Investment in construction material business relates and supports to spearhead areas: construction, real estate, contributing to complete the structure of sustainable and comprehensive development for the Group.