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Bidding Newspaper – The construction market is fierce competition not only among domestic contractors, but also between domestic and foreign contractors. Many domestic enterprises have made great efforts to create a strong position and build trust with domestic and foreign investors. Among them are DELTA Civil and Industrial Construction Co., Ltd. – one of the leading construction companies today.
DELTA contractor at Vinhomes Central Park 206 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ho Chi Minh City

Succeeded by a series of great works

Since 1993, DELTA Company has successfully implemented many important projects such as Keangnam Tower, Royal City, Times City, Viettel Ho Chi Minh City … in many different geological areas. country.

For major civil projects in Vietnam, DELTA mostly participates in large or part of the project. These are foundation piles and basements for the tallest buildings in Vietnam such as 68-storey Bitexco Finance Tower, 262m high, deep foundation 80m deep underground (2009), Keangnam Hanoi Landmark 72 floors, 350m high – Special pile foundation 2m in diameter, 85m deep in 2011, Lotte Center Hanoi 72 floors, 267m high (2010).

The construction projects with very difficult conditions are completely handled by DELTA by semi-topdown method such as Apricot Hotel in Hoan Kiem Lake (2012), Trade Center Market 19 / 12 at 41 Hai Ba Trung (2011), there are 5 basements built in Hanoi or EDEN Shopping Center with 8,800sq.m with 6 basements in Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, the same method, DELTA is implementing the project 6 basements at D’. Le Roi Soleil project at 2 Dang Thai Mai, Hanoi and many other projects.

It can be said that DELTA has done many projects with deep basement and difficult construction conditions across the country. For that reason, the company has accumulated enough experience, techniques for construction, processing underground works.

Never stop applying new technology

With the achievements of more than 20 years, DELTA is oriented to develop products (be it buildings or urban areas) of high quality and lower costs, benefit more for society, investors Both the construction company and the general contractor for the design and construction of the entire project.

Tran Nhat Thanh, Chairman of DELTA Company, said that the success of today is because the company has determined the right direction in the application of new technologies to the construction. “Our construction technology is backward-looking compared to the global level, both in construction technology and construction materials technology. The main reason is that access to modern construction technology requires a long process and high cost, so Vietnamese enterprises are afraid of it, “Thanh said.

Right from its inception, DELTA has clearly oriented itself, concentrating on the development of new technology application in construction, gradually approaching advanced construction technology in the world. This is also the construction company that has applied the first new technology in Vietnam. For example, bored pile technology. In the years 1993 – 1994, when Vietnam began to develop tall buildings, the small size piles are no longer suitable, some foreign contractors have put technology piling bored into Vietnam with very high construction costs. (drilling is about 200 – 250 USD / 1m long). After researching and subcontracting to foreign companies, DELTA has decided to import construction equipment with absolute safety and quality standards equivalent to that of foreign companies. It costs only 50% of the market price at that time.

For deep-set construction technology, DELTA has focused on complying with more cost-effective and affordable solutions for each type of construction. Common solutions often extend the construction and cost of a shoring or earth anchoring system. DELTA has studied the use of a minimum of basement floor instead of temporary housing, which reduces the time of construction and costs much. And the solution of deep basement construction with semi-topdown technology was born. In many specific projects, this solution has many advantages to bring great economic effects such as: no need for anti-wall or wall anchors such as bottom-up method, fast execution time. This method is now popular and used in many construction projects, bringing high economic efficiency, and ensuring the quality and progress of the works.

Although considering technology as core, according to Thanh, the human factor remains decisive. “To apply new technology requires DELTA to think, learn, try hard. For example, basement construction techniques really need a lot of knowledge, skills and conscience can do. When the basement can meet groundwater, caster, in case need to handle immediately but can not wait for comments from experts or designers require every DELTA engineer must have full knowledge, skills. I can handle the situation arising, “Thanh said.

With the achievements of more than 20 years, DELTA is oriented to develop products (be it buildings or urban areas) of high quality and lower costs, benefit more for society, investors and the construction company.

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