With the available advantage of the contractor specializing in construction works and trading of construction materials, DELTA is confident to step into the field of real estate business.

Real estate which is a big market contains full of opportunities and challenges. Delta deployed the investment in real estate is an indispensable event when it fully meets the conditions for developing this potential business investment. Delta’s internal strength lies in understanding the value of this essential commodity, as well as the needs of each customer for the purpose of: living, renting, or investing to get profit.

Delta expands its investment in real estate projects as both an investor and general contractor: new urban areas, housing and office for lease, commercial centers and hotels. Delta takes advantage of the most of Group’s resources available: High quality engineers with experience and conscience; leading works technology in Vietnam and acumen in construction business to bring the most valuable real estate projects to human beings and society.

Besides bringing profits to the Group, real estate business also supports other fields such as works, or manufacture the construction materials to develop together.