DELTA Group celebrates 10 Million Safe Hours Milestone at Masteri West Heights Project

On January 24, 2024, DELTA Group, the main contractor, held a ceremony to celebrate 10 million safe hours at the Masteri West Heights project.

The Masteri West Heights project (Aerial photograph).

The milestone of 10 million safe construction hours is a testament to DELTA Group’s effective project management skills. To achieve this milestone, DELTA’s project management team at Masteri West Heights actively implemented safety measures, labor protection, and safe construction procedures. Regular inspections and dissemination of safety regulations at the start of each shift have significantly contributed to raising safety awareness among the entire workforce. In addition to the human factor, project components were reviewed to ensure safety, from completed scaffolding systems to fully covered construction areas.

The DELTA Group management team along with its officers and staff at the celebration of 10 million safe hours – Masteri West Heights Project.

Thanks to their unwavering commitment and special emphasis on the criteria of safety, quality, and progress, DELTA Group, the main contractor, has asserted its position and become a trusted partner of many major investors, including Masterise Homes. In recent years, DELTA Group has collaborated with real estate developer Masterise Homes on several prestigious projects known for their high quality and aesthetics, such as Masteri Centre Point, The Grand Hanoi, Grand Marina Saigon, and more. Leading the top luxury segment in both the Vietnamese and international markets, Masterise Homes’ projects are shaped and developed by reputable entities with high international standards. The construction process, ensuring progress, quality, and achieving impressive safety goals, has demonstrated the professionalism and meticulousness of DELTA Group’s engineering team. (On June 1, 2022, at the Grand Marina Saigon project, DELTA’s management team and staff also achieved the milestone of 2 million safe hours. See the article here.)

A representative from Masterise Homes presenting the Certificate of 10 Million Safe Hours to Project Director Đỗ Anh Tuấn.

With a sustainable vision, DELTA Group has been and continues to commit to enhancing the quality of construction and labor safety. This ensures the success of projects, laying the foundation for DELTA Group’s future achievements. Improving awareness of labor safety within the collective is not only the benefit and responsibility of DELTA Group but also the commitment of DELTA Group to the community for a safe and sustainable working environment.

With over 30 years of steadfast development in the market, DELTA Group has proven itself to be a highly professional and experienced construction contractor and one of the leading contractors in terms of safety and quality. The event marking 10 million safe hours at Masteri West Heights sends a powerful message about the importance of labor safety in Vietnam’s construction industry. Quality, aesthetics, progress, and safety—are these the essential criteria for evaluating a standard project of the modern era?

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