The field of design consulting has been independently developed since the first days of founding the Group. With the team of leaders who are architects, structural engineers who are lecturers trained deeply aboard. The projects consulted by joining of Delta showed aesthetics and high application.

The establishment of the Sacidelta joint venture with French Sacieg architecture company and TT-As is a Delta’s strategic move to accelerate the design consulting development.

Co-operating and jointing with foreign companies provide the opportunity for Delta architects to continuously exchange and cooperate in training and updating modern development trends.

The team of consultants, designers effectively support the projects in which Delta plays as the main contractor, or general contractor …. They always focus on the combination with the space or specific context of the place where the architecture will be placed with the aim of creating the highly practical and soulful works. This innovative philosophy harmonizes the interests of the customer but well meets the needs of the people: convenience, efficiency, ability to apply the technology, aesthetics and time’s unique.

With the accumulated experience in over 20 years including since establishment, development, cooperation and partnership with foreign companies such as France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the USA …along with the high award, Delta is confident in its capabilities in planning consultancy, architectural solutions, design, landscape, structure, etc….

  • Design consultancy for civil and industrial projects, urban planning, interior and exterior, transportation, electricity network.
  • Consultancy on investment project formulation, project management, construction work supervision.
  • Consultancy on compiling the bidding documents.
  • Design and total Estimation expertise.
  • Executing works with high and special aesthetic requirements.