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(VEN) – According to the VNR500 launched by the Vietnam Report in coordination with the Vietnamnet online newspaper, Delta Construction Group is one of the largest private enterprises in Vietnam, and ranked fourth among the top 500 construction businesses in the country in 2017. Delta has turned its nonstop strenuous efforts into this great success on the occasion of its 25th foundation anniversary.

Delta has become one of the first choices of investors

Delta on the rise

Established in 1993, Delta Construction Group specializes in implementing civil and industrial construction projects with sophisticated quality, technical and aesthetic requirements, such as hotels and office and apartment buildings. Over the past 25 years, Delta has become a big name in its field with 12 member companies, 2,500 engineers and architects, and modern, consistent equipment, machinery and technology.

Delta overcame big challenges and difficulties to reach its current success. Chairman of Delta Construction Group Tran Nhat Thanh said he dreamed of building a leading construction business when he was a construction student and lecturer. His dream has come true, and customer trust and quality always take the top priority at and is the key to success of the group.

Delta has set a target of becoming a leading construction group through continually improving its technological capability. During its first 10 years of operation, Delta applied the latest construction technologies and methods. It was the first construction company in Vietnam to successfully apply a series of new construction technologies, contributing to construction technology trends in the country. Those new technologies included the bored pile, PHC concrete pile, Treatment of Drilled Shaft BASE by Post-Grouting Technique, osterberg tests, basement construction using top-down, semi-top-down methods, which were by no means inferior to those applied by foreign prestigious companies.

By bringing into play achievements recorded during the first 10-year period, in its second 10-year period, Delta has expanded and diversified its business lines, including production and distribution of products and services for the construction industry. Since 2012, Delta has joined the real estate sector and placed itself as an investor who requires qualified construction contractors.

Delta has a qualified and skilled workforce. The group is proud to have well-educated professionals and prestigious experts in the construction industry. They all have business ethics, and are highly qualified and devoted to their jobs. This is a core value and a solid foundation for Delta to continuously create value added and ensure efficiency for its customers. Delta has been highly rated for its ability to lead and create source of inspiration for the group’s employees and leadership.

“Delta leadership is a harmonious combination of long-standing knowledge and youth’s enthusiasm and dynamics. They are the ones who develop new business directions and apply advanced management tools to Delta,” said Chairman Tran Nhat Thanh.

Sweet fruits

With high technology and the superior quality of its human resources, Delta Construction Group always offers the most competitive product and service price and ensures quality of every project that it implements. Thanks to this, Delta brand has been recognized and trusted nationwide. Delta has built foundation piles and basements of many of the biggest and tallest projects in Vietnam, including Keangnam Hanoi Landmark, Lotte Center Hanoi, Bitexco Financial Tower, Royal City, and Vincom Center. The group has also participated in the construction of urban areas and giant projects such as the Gold Mark City, Royal City, and Times City.

“The trust that customers have given to us is the truest value and result of the group’s great efforts, success and nonstop development,” said Chairman Tran Nhat Thanh.

Delta is one of top-10 Vietnamese sustainable brands and top-5 Vietnamese construction brands. More and more investors have come to Delta and given the group their highest trust. Delta is going the right way and has proved its knowledge and heart-based success.

More importantly, Delta’s business ethics have contributed to creating professional and standard workers, and experts have forecast Delta will continue to grow in the future.

Talking about the groups’ goals for the future, Chairman Tran Nhat Thanh said Delta is ready for renovation, and quality always takes the top priority at Delta. While Delta is diversifying its business lines, the group always considers construction its core activity, he said. In the current context of social development and a growing number of construction businesses, Delta has set a target of maintaining its image and position as a prestigious contractor that is well established and recognized both at home and abroad, the chairman added.

The Delta Construction Group works for customer trust and benefits of the community, investors, the group and all those people who have been attempting for the group’s success.

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