DELTA affirmed its position as a prestige general contractor, which is highly appreciated by investors and customers, not only it has a long history of construction experience but it is also a construction corporation pioneering in application of modern construction technology in Vietnam.

Since the 1990s, Delta has marked the difference by implementing projects in which the structure is designed,architecture is deployed and worked based on “Turnkey” model. Some works requiring the high-tech and artistic such as: Embassy of Canada, Embassy of Japan, Hilton Hotel, Lake Side Hotel, Lake View, Hotel chain of Victori Sapa, Can Tho, Chau Doc were deployed by Delta as General Contractor that left great impression and high appreciation from domestic and foreign investors about quality, safety and aesthetics.

That prestige beginning with the high technical engineers, Delta bravely applied new and complex technology that became the first contractor in Vietnam to construct the basement by using semi-top down method, Barret Pile, bored pile and centrifugal piles by robots…..conquered a series of projects with the deepest underground, the highest building in Vietnam: Royal city, Keangnam Tower, Lotte Center, Times City, Gold Mark City, Vinhomes Central Park.

Through its efforts, Delta has brought its brand across the nationwide, with a variety of construction types:

  • Civil and industrial construction works
  • State works, hospitals, schools, and Buddhists
  • Residential areas, urban areas, large projects, factories, hi-tech areas.
  • The sport- cultural works, entertainment, tourism, hotels

Delta with 25 years experience of a professional construction contractor with a team of highly qualified engineers who are well trained and the support of the member companies in the group of consulting design, High-tech research, construction materials business … created a closed circle helping Delta to be confidently compete in quality and price along with domestic and foreign contractors. With the target of building the best quality works and cheapest price, Delta satisfied investors who are the most difficult foreign customers: France, America, Korea, China, Japan…..

With a clear development direction, the general contractor becomes the priority aspects for the development of the Group directly implemented by Delta, together with its member – DELTA-V contech.,JSC.