The pioneer’s imprint of Delta

The pioneer’s imprint of Delta

With the increasing scale, Delta – the general contractor constantly builds a management system combined with advanced construction technology and environmentally friendly.

Delta applies Gangform technology to Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 project

Construction techniques applied for the first time in Vietnam

In the middle of last July, the topping out event of The ZEi project in Hanoi has attracted special attention from construction architects. The project includes 42 floors, of which 891 apartments and 3 commercial center floors with total area of 152.000 square meters. With the “absolute vertical” design, The ZEi has applied a series of new construction technologies such as: large structure, 2.5 meters high 5th floor transfer slab, 4,600 square meters in area deployed with advanced construction methods.

Especially, this is the first project of HD Mon Holdings in Vietnam applied Gangform technology to create the moldings to the outsider of reinforced concrete. Being in charge of general constructor role, Delta-V has started construction since 15th, May, 2019, expectedly complete in 10th, March, 2020.

According to Mr. Tran Nhat Thanh, Chairman of Delta Group, the technical and artistic nature of The ZEi has been placed on top of priority.

“Compared to hundreds of Delta projects that have been constructed in the past, The ZEi is definitely a symbol of the perfect application of construction technology. The project is well-designed, not inferior to modern works in the world with absolute verticality; Nearly 900 apartments are located on the transfer slab system, to redistribute the load-bearing column system in accordance with the function of the apartment and a solid foundation to ensure safety, minimizing vibration when occurring strong winds or earthquakes. With such high-altitude deployment, this is also considered a success in construction techniques applied for the first time in Vietnam “, Mr. Thanh emphasized.

 Mr. Tran Nhat Thanh, Chairman of Delta is steadfast with the goal to make Delta become one of Vietnam’s top construction corporation based on technology’s strength.

In order to be able to undertake complex and leading domestic construction projects, Delta is always a pioneer in the application of new technologies, including the Gangform formwork system. With the combination of large Steelform plates with the working platform system that is combined into monolithic arrays, linked to the concrete structure by the Anchor system, Gangform can slide up to the height of the building and work within 2-4 floors under construction. Compared with the traditional construction method, Gangform has outstanding advantages in safety, accuracy, economy, convenience and environmental friendliness.

Before The ZEi, Delta owned and put the Gangform technology to use widely on projects such as Coninco Tower, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Smart City, Vinhomes Grand Park, The Reamian An Phu An Khanh…

Delta also is the first corporation in Vietnam applied successfully series of construction technologies in Vietnam construction industry, from applying construction technologies to research and produce successfully environmental friendliness construction materials. For example, the bored pile technology; spun concrete pile by robot; pumping mortar to reinforce the pile bottom; the osterberg experiment; basement construction by top down methods; semitopdown… production of nucewall non-plastered partitions to replace traditional baked bricks, contributing to reducing energy for brick burning; manufacture of steel polymer steels made from fiberglass and polymer plastics with a weight by 20-25% of the ordinary steel and especially non-rust; producing UHPC super high-grade concrete that can replace steel structures…

BIM application, leading general contractor trend

The topping out event of DELTA-V for The ZEi project.

After nearly 30 years of development, in order to manage more effectively on the growing scale, Delta has built the management system combined with application of more advanced construction technologies in the world, such as: application of Reckli faceplate technology, application of ecospeed steel jointing technology… In particular, application of BIM standard project management process (Building Information Modeling), which has been deployed by Delta since 2018.

It is known that BIM is increasingly widely used in the field of construction activities and construction operation management. This is an advanced process applied in the construction industry (AEC), based on digital 3D models that are used throughout the life cycle of a design project, infrastructure, and construction. All individuals and organizations collaborating in the design and construction of buildings can use the data in this BIM model. Through that, it is possible to analyze the cost, implementation time and methods of construction and maintenance works. The whole working process will be based on sharing information, it is always updated and added continuously throughout the working process, from sketching to completion of the project.

“The imprint on the highest and deepest constructions

DELTA brand has covered all the tallest projects in Vietnam like Keangnam Hanoi Landmark, Lotte Center Hanoi, Bitexco Financial Tower, etc.  Construction of the deepest and largest basement projects such as: Eden Trade Center, Royal City, Vincom Center, etc. And building urban areas, great projects such as Gold Mark City, Royal City, Times City, etc.”

With BIM, once the correct information is established, the construction will become faster, more accurate with lower cost. That is why the current BIM model is becoming a new trend and almost a compulsory standard in the construction industry around the world. In Vietnam, according to the government’s roadmap, by 2021, the BIM model will become a standard in construction works, this is one of the important solutions to approach the upcoming 4.0 industrial revolution in the construction industry.

Worth mentioning, the transition from an old model (2D) to a new one (BIM) requires each enterprise to have relatively large initial investment steps: infrastructure investment costs, softwares, consultants, and training employees to use new software… However, maintaining the spirit from the early days of establishment, Delta President Tran Nhat Thanh is steadfast with the goal of becoming a leading construction group in Vietnam, going up with the power of technology.

“If we want to change technology, we must have a pioneer enterprise to experiment, accept hardship and risk. Not accepting hardworks or risks then things cannot be done. I think not only the construction industry, but if we hope the Vietnam industry to develop, every industry needs large enterprises and corporations can take responsibility for the development and application of the industrial revolution 4.0, which is the driving force to leading smaller businesses, guiding the industry’s direction ”, Mr. Thanh emphasized.

“It’s a long process that need a big investment when we start to test then widespread any technology. The government’s enterprises with regulatory constraints, quotas may have to wait for taking new technologies to deploy in reality. Delta’s point of view is the private enterprises with strong potential have to invest and become the pioneer in technology innovation.” Talking about the pioneer’s mission, Chairman of Delta said.

Thanks to the above point of view, Delta as a general contractor in turn accompanying and cooperating with the best investors in Vietnam such as Vingroup, Sungroup in the early period and later HCTC, Masterise Homes, Chrystal Bay, HD Mon Holdings…

Journalist:  Hoàng Ngân

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