Delta-V started the underground section of Sai Gon New Port Corporation

On March 21, 2017, groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the diaphragm wall, piles of “Saigon Newport New Crew Office” office was held in Binh Thanh ward, Ho Chi Minh city.

Ground Breaking Ceremony of Sai Gon New Port Corporation

Attending the ceremony were representatives of the Investor, Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Van Hien, General Director of Saigon New Port – Rear Advisor Nguyen Dang Nghiem and consultant supervision and representative contractor Delta-V. The completion of the project will be the strategic headquarters of the southern port area. Saigon Newport Corporation believes in the Delta-V contractor’s capacity under the DELTA Group.

Before the ground breaking of Sai Gon New Port Corporation Headquarters Project

Delta-V contractor constructed piles, diaphragm walls and basement with an area of ~ 3000 m2, expected completion in 18 months (December 2015). All equipment and personnel are ready for construction, the goal of transferring items on schedule to the investor.

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