DELTA has been ranked in the top 100 sustainable enterprises

Always taking notice on the sustainable development of the enterprise, on 10th, December, 2020, DELTA Group has been honored in Top 100 sustainable enterprises and received the 2020 Sustainable Enterprise Certificate.

After more than 2 months evaluating, marking files and legal consultation of businesses from relevant agencies, after reporting and having approval from the CSI 2020 Program Steering Committee, DELTA Construction Group (DELTA Group) has reached the top 100 sustainable enterprises of the Program 2020.

Representative of DELTA Group – Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa, Head of Communications Department received the Certificate of Sustainable Enterprise in 2020.

Persistence, endeavor to pass the difficulties

In 2020 – a year of many difficulties, especially the effects from Covid-19 global pandemic, from natural disasters in the Central of Vietnam, DELTA Group experienced many difficulties and challenges. Declined real estate investment sources from domestic and abroad caused many investors to suffer. Therefore, many Vietnam’s construction sites were delayed or stopped their unfinished works. Not only that, when the social distancing order is announced, construction activities at the construction sites were also affected. Additionally, towards the end of 2020, natural disasters, storms and floods occurring with 13 storms hitting Vietnam were also a big challenge for many construction sites of DELTA Group in the Central region of Vietnam.

Passed many difficulties and challenges, with the conscientious leadership from DELTA’s Board of manager, the solidarity of staff members, in lastest months of 2020, DELTA has had a better performance compared to the gloomy situation in the early 2020 period of many construction companies in general. Works that DELTA Group has been under construction in 2020 must include: Masteri Center Point Project, Gio Hai Tourist – Service Area with a total investment of VND 4,500 billion, FPT Plaza, FPT Telecom, The Filmore Danang , SOJO Hoa Binh Hotel, etc.

Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tu – Deputy General Director of DELTA Group speaking at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Gio Hai Service – Tourism Project.

Focusing on human resources development

In order for a business to develop sustainably, DELTA Group always focuses on human resources development. As one of the best working environments in Vietnam, DELTA pays special attention to invest in the quality of human resources, considering this as a decisive factor for sustainable development and growth.

In 2020, according to Anphabe’s Vietnam Best Workplace 2020 survey, surpassing many Employer Brands, in 2020, DELTA Group has entered the Top 6 of the whole Construction/ Materials/ Architecture Industry, Top 50 Vietnamese Enterprises with Attractive Employer Brands. Anphabe’s Vietnam Best Workplace 2020 Survey is a famous survey for more than 70,000+ experienced employees evaluating on more than 500+ Employer Brands.

For each individual and team at DELTA Group, working motivation is always maintained and encouraged to create the best efficiency. High-quality personnel apparatus is the pride of the Group, bringing top products under the brand name of DELTA Group.

Labor safety and health care policy for employees is very interested by DELTA Group leaders and evaluated as the key to success in the construction work. Safety work is realized by daily and hourly monitoring and inspection. Employees’ awareness is always enhanced with continuous training. Workers’ health and equipments are always checked regularly to ensure Safety – Quality – Progress criteria to bring peace of mind to employees, contributing to success at DELTA’s projects.

At the DELTA Group, men and women have equal rights. Although it is a construction company – an industry known only for men, there are many female employees in the departments of DELTA Group. DELTA Group is also interested in female employees, empowering them to further develop their capacity at work. For example, with the titles of Deputy General Director, Head of Department, Deputy Head of Department, there are the presence of talented and beautiful female personnel.

Nguyen Thi Hong Phuc, the female employee won the first prize in the Payment Document Contest 2020 organized by the DELTA Young Engineers Club.

Always responsible to Society

Sustainable development is not only the development of the business but also the development of the community. In 2020, despite many difficulties, DELTA Group has paid special attention and support to the community.

Sympathy with the people in Central Vietnam, where was heavily affected by consecutive big storms, Delta Group built a relief fund and called on DELTA’s staffs to give support for about at least one day salary. The charity was also quickly established with Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang – Deputy General Director of DELTA Group, the Chairman of DELTA’s Trade Union as the leader of the delegation and some representatives from DELTA’s departments went to 2 provinces of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh, doing charity works for 2 days: October 30th  and 31st , 2020.

Deputy General Director of DELTA Group Nguyen Dang Quang presents gifts to people affected by floods and storms in the Central region.

Always consistent with the goal of sustainable development, focusing on developing human resources, improving expertise and social responsibility is the development direction of DELTA. This is also DELTA’s commitment to customers, to society and the community.

After 4 years of implementation, the Vietnam Sustainable Enterprise Assessment and Announcement Program (the “Program”) has attracted a large number of businesses (about 1500 businesses) operating in different fields across the country. National to apply for participation.

Being voted in the Program’s annual list of “Sustainable Enterprises” is a proud title, recognized by the Government, ministries, departments, business community, organizations and the whole society about the activities of pioneering enterprises that have made excellent contributions to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese business community.

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