DELTA Group groundbreaks AMC – EL DORADO urban area project in Thanh Hoa

On 21st, January, 2021, AMC Global Development Joint Stock Company – a new member of DELTA Group creates the Groundbreaking Ceremony of a social housing project named AMC I – EL DORADO in Quang Thanh Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam.

Distinguished guests and leaders representing investors and contractors performed the button-pressing etiquette at the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

This Groundbreaking Ceremony marks the development of real-estate in Thanh Hoa market, which has much potentials and chances to develop in the future. Especially, some kinds of real-estate product such as: Modern, quality apartments with full services, utilities serving young residents and attracting investors; shophouses; green park, etc.

Image at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of AMC I – EL DORADO Social Housing project in Quang Thanh Ward, Thanh Hoa City, Vietnam.

With this project, DELTA Group has the role of investor and project developer with many years of experiences in construction and general contractor. As a new member of DELTA Group, AMC Global Development Joint Stock Company commits this project can meet with the requirements about quality and internal utilities of customers in the South of Thanh Hoa City. This project is located where traffic connects and has infrastructure invested synchronously.

Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tu – Deputy General Director on behalf of DELTA Group delivered a speech at the Groundbreaking Ceremony.

This social housing project has a total area of 74,589m2, located at the intersection of National Highway 1A avoiding Thanh Hoa city and Vo Nguyen Giap boulevard. Moreover, the project is only 12 km from the sea, 2km from the old city center, and 4.5km from the new administrative center. Residents at this project will enjoy high-end amenities such as green parks, spacious entertainment areas, commercial centers with international brands, crowded shophouse rows with multi products.

Render image of AMC – EL DORADO urban area project in Quang Thanh Ward, Thanh Hoa City.

Project scale of AMC – EL DORADO urban area in Quang Thanh, Thanh Hoa includes: 1 trade block combined 19 floors of luxury apartments with 3-5 trade floors and more than 400 apartments, 210 shophouses (with European townhouse style). This project is designed and built modernly with more than 900 apartments. The green park with many trees for sports, games and community activities located in the project center with a total area of nearly 1 ha. Transport system, synchronous and modern infrastructure have high quality.

Phase 1, DELTA Group will build social housing and green park. Phase 2, expected in the second quarter of 2021, DELTA Group will build all remaining items.

With the determination to build a social housing up to the standard of a commercial apartment but with a reasonable price, DELTA Group and AMC Global Development Corporation want to make a change into Thanh Hoa apartment segment. A new real-estate product has not only cheap price but also has outstanding quality in Thanh Hoa.

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