DELTA 25 years – Journey to conquer the heights

Founded in 1993, the Group DELTA far has become one of the leading corporations in the construction sector in Vietnam.

DELTA – 25 years of unremitting efforts

Founded in 1993, the Group DELTA far has become one of the leading corporations in the construction sector in Vietnam. During more than 25 years of development has passed, the ups and downs and all the glorious successes keeping together make up a development path with many memorable mark. DELTA has made efforts to overcome difficulties and especially always poses new challenges. They led a series of pioneering in the field of construction industry hard.

Remember the early days of arduous and challenging, surely those who stick with DELTA from inception all feel very proud, very satisfied. The young lecturer of University Construction by the enthusiasm, the passion has to accept risk to put a private company in the period of the country’s innovation became a Group DELTA strong today .

With clear goals, put DELTA construction groups become Vietnam’s leading power goes up by technology. DELTA was the first construction company successfully applied to a variety of new construction technologies, contributing towards the construction technology in Vietnam. It is the technology of bored piles, pile centrifugal robotic, grouting reinforced bottom pile, experiments Osterberg, basement by means top down, semitopdown … level comparable to the company’s prestige foreign time.

By our efforts, Delta has branded coverage works around the country, along with the variety of building types. In it, there are many works made DELTA brand. Not to mention such as, construction of pile foundation and basement for Vietnam’s tallest building: Keangnam Hanoi Landmark, Lotte Center Hanoi, Bitexco Financial Tower … Construction works deepest basement, the largest, such as: Eden commercial Center, Royal City, Vincom Center … And construction of urban areas, the university projects such as: Gold Mark City, Royal City, Times City …

A journey of 25 years has passed, the effort and most of all the Group’s achievements is something that nobody can deny. DELTA always hard with a light heart, persevering with the initial goal is always to ensure the quality of each work and reputation with investors. DELTA expect that a 25 year-old will become more mature, more stable and always ready to face any challenge.

DELTA – community contributions are recognized

People often say that they do not care devoted vanity, wholeheartedly is not busy glory. But to talk about achievement ratings are recognized by the community for the dedication of DELTA society then surely all the members in this big house all feel very happy, very excited.

As far as the ranking VNR 500 of JSC Assessment Vietnam (Vietnam Report) combine with VietNamNet, the Group built DELTA is rated as one of the private enterprises in Vietnam and ratings 4 “Top 500 largest enterprises Vietnam 2017 homebuilding industry, construction of civil engineering works.” VNR 500 ranking is based on the results of research and independent assessment of Vietnam Report under the model of the Fortune 500 and officially announced for the first time in 2007. This is the 11th year is the VNR 500 ranking announced to honor businesses that have made outstanding achievements in production and business activities in fiscal year 2017.

Besides ranking 4 TOP 500 VNR, DELTA also honored some honor proud, such as: TOP 10 “brand of sustainable development – Products and services high quality Vietnam 2017” by consumers credit used, or TOP 5 “brand – brand typical construction industry Vietnam 2017”. That is testament to the relentless efforts all staff, engineers dedication is the day his heart for the Group, as encouragement to keep trying DELTA future. Wish for DELTA in future there will be more prizes to be awarded, the title of Honored truly worthy of the efforts that both collective dedication.

DELTA – ready a new beginning

On January 19 last, DELTA Group has successfully organized the 25th anniversary ceremony of establishment, date 01.19.1993 – 01.19.2018 day. A long way has to go through, the celebration was seen as a special opportunity for all members DELTA same way that one looks back with pride, full of emotion. In a cozy atmosphere, solemn celebrations of 25 years of establishment of the Group DELTA, President Tran Nhat Thanh shared: “Look 25 years as a timeline but do not see it as a destination.” indeed this is the case, the first 25 years challenging past but all officers and employees of the Group will see this as a milestone valuable to continue striving, continued dedication to a purpose to further.

And to do so, the Group is always in ready position, always keep the spirit of “entrepreneurship”, which is constantly striving and innovation. But DELTA today are standing on a “range” is different from the starting line, always see it as a fulcrum, a motivation to constantly move forward – is the advice of President Tran Nhat Thanh to its employees. We hope that this new beginning of DELTA will facilitate, from a sustainable success, the stability which the company has built.

25th anniversary of the founding corporations when DELTA coincidentally coincided with Tet to spring, the house is busy spring colors. New year with numerous new things as well as a signal for a new start of the group head DELTA lucky. Underwent a long 25 years, DELTA today ready for a new beginning, a new future despite all the difficulties and all challenges.

New beginning coupled with new challenges, new difficulties but with a heart of the initiative, spirit and enthusiasm, the Group DELTA ready to step into the new beginning, bringing new hope, new future and the to conquer new heights. We hope that in the near future, a DELTA 25 years there will be many more celebrations could be 30 years or 50 years with much success, achievement to be proud of. Let the new year greetings to DELTA – “Group built with conscience and knowledge”, wish to DELTA will conquer new heights are starting this new beginning.

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