Potential DELTA Leadership Club hold its second annual meeting in 2017

On 09.4.2017, the regular activities of the Delta Potential Club took place in the unhappy and useful at Hoang Long Resort, Thach That, Hanoi. More than 100 “potential leaders” are Delta’s deputy chiefs, department heads, and commanders who are involved in regular club activities. Board of Directors is very interested in the development and training of the next management team, Nguyen Van Quang PG and PG Nguyen Xuan Thu are also present in this event.

With the theme “Leadership Development”, the Club was welcomed and listened to the famous speaker, Dr. Le Shenyang presented the “strategic vision of the leader” and the “principles of leadership development”.

In the afternoon of the same day, club members participated in team building activities. Through group games with the theme “Leadership Skills”, Dr. Le The Duong and IFA Director of Institute of Management and Finance – Nguyen The Nhan evaluated, analyzes strengths and weaknesses in management skills, leadership of the participants.

Training and development of human resources is a long-term investment plan to improve the quality of staff, firmly consolidate Delta’s “knowledge-technology” development platform. Vietnamese construction enterprises. Through the young engineers club, the potential Leadership Club is organized and training to improve professional skills, Delta engineers work to promote more effective functions and tasks of I am, to become a team next to the mind-enough enough in the Delta development planning step.

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